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Links To Everywhere: A Tool Collection

New tools connect listeners, topics and mentions.

Links To Everywhere: A Tool Collection

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Several new applications are putting links between different corners of the podcast world.

Searching for a podcast by topic or genre has long been a standard practice, but Pods 4 Us, a download from Bazham, lets users filter by specific topics mentioned on certain podcasts. As a review in Podnews pointed out, the AI-assisted app is capable of finding not only true crime podcasts, but parsing everything from the date of the case to the murder weapon involved.

Another AI-powered app, Qupa, lets listeners bookmark mentions in the podcast, or highlight them in the transcript, then search for more information by providing links or search results for the item or topic mentioned. Listeners will be able to check mentions in real time or save them for later browsing. It's still listed as 'Launching soon" as of late June, but we've got a notification ready for when it goes live.

Next up is Plink, a specialty advertising setup that places links for your podcast.... on other podcasts. They're pitched as ad-supported free links that appear at the top of a show page and/or in the middle of episode pages, but it looks like the ad support is a $199 monthly fee. We've reached out for additional info.

For those who want a dash of old-school email in their podcast diet, there's PodSnacks, where you can select podcasts you want to follow and sign up for their newsletter, which will send summaries of new episodes to your email.