Developing a Podcast Plan - An 'Intern'al Look

Everything you need to consider before hitting the record button.

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Developing a Podcast Plan - An 'Intern'al Look

Our interns dive into the idea development arena, with a look into how a vague notion into a full-on podcast.

The popularity of podcasts has surged in recent years, offering audiences a diverse range of topics to explore and engage with. Understanding what podcast topics attract the most viewers is crucial for creators and producers seeking to attract listeners, and differing their content from others.

Data from various sources such as the Pew Research Center, Lower Street, and Harrison Baron's blog provides valuable insights into the trends and preferences shaping the podcasting industry.

According to Pew Research Center's study on podcast topics, the most popular categories include news and politics, comedy, society and culture, and education. These topics cater to a wide audience base, and peaks the interests of those seeking to stay informed and entertained.

Standing at 10% of the top-ranked podcasts, news and politics podcasts offer listeners timely updates and insights on current events, making them a go-to choice for those interested in developments of the world.

Comedy podcasts provide a lighter alternative, offering humor and entertainment to listeners seeking something light-hearted and easy to listen to, a topic that ranks in at 2% of the top-ranked podcasts.

Society and culture podcasts dive into various aspects of human life, exploring topics such as relationships, lifestyle, and societal norms, resonating with audiences looking for relatable content, reasoning as to why they are at 9% of the top-ranked podcasts.

At 13%, Education podcasts appeal to lifelong learners, offering valuable insights and knowledge on diverse subjects ranging from history and science to personal development and self-improvement.

Lower Street's analysis of podcast topics highlights the growing popularity of selectively niche categories such as true crime, health and wellness, technology, and personal finance.

Occupying nearly a quarter as the highest ranked topic (24%), true crime podcasts have cultivated a wide audience with their intriguing storytelling and exploration of real-life mysteries and criminal cases.

Health and wellness podcasts cater to individuals seeking guidance on improving their physical and mental well-being, offering advice on topics such as nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, placing them at 1%.

Also placed at 1%, technology podcasts provide insights into the latest innovations and trends shaping the digital world, appealing to tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Lastly, personal finance podcasts offer practical advice and strategies for managing money, investing wisely, and achieving financial freedom, attracting listeners seeking to improve their financial awareness and secure their future, ranking at 2%.

For those looking to begin a podcast, but unsure of a niche, Harrison Baron's blog identifies profitable podcast topics for 2022, emphasizing the potential of niches such as gaming, entrepreneurship, self-help, and niche hobbies.

Gaming podcasts tap into the massive gaming community's love for video games, offering reviews, discussions, and industry insights that appeal to gamers of all ages.

Entrepreneurship podcasts provide aspiring business owners with valuable advice, inspiration, and success stories from experienced entrepreneurs, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and build successful ventures.

A favorite amongst the younger generations, self-help podcasts offer practical tips and strategies for personal growth, empowerment, and overcoming challenges, resonating with individuals seeking to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Niche hobbies podcasts cater to those seeking information relevant to specific interests and activities, offering in-depth discussions, tutorials, and interviews that cater to their passion and curiosity.

From news and politics to true crime, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and niche hobbies, there is a podcast for every demographic and target interest, offering valuable content, entertainment, and insights that resonate with audiences worldwide. By understanding and using these trends to your advantage, podcast creators and producers can effectively engage and grow their viewer base, contributing to the continued success and evolution of the podcasting industry.

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