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End of the Road For Google Podcasts

Users Urged to Transfer Subscriptions to YouTube Music

End of the Road For Google Podcasts

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The Google Podcasts app dies today.

The app, installed in millions of Android devices, shuts down in the United States today, with a plan for a global shutdown later this year.

This move is part of Google's strategy to consolidate its audio content offerings by integrating podcasts into YouTube Music, which has been enhanced with features tailored for podcast listening.

Google has made it possible for users to migrate their podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music or other third-party services, though the latter option may be more complicated.

Users have until July to complete this migration process, but the ability to stream via Google Podcasts ends today. (More on the technical details of migrating are below.)

The transition to YouTube Music is presented as an effort to create a better platform for both listeners and creators, capitalizing on YouTube's capabilities for community engagement and content discovery. Recent enhancements on the site include a dedicated podcast section, improved UI for discovery, and seamless switching between audio and video podcasts.

However, not all podcasts might be available on YouTube Music immediately, and users may need to manually subscribe using RSS feed links for some content.

This closure marks another discontinuation in Google's portfolio, leaving some users questioning the reasons behind ending a successful app.

Analysis articles suggest that while the transition might be straightforward for many, the broader implications for podcast creators and listeners, as well as the success of YouTube Music as a podcast platform, remain to be seen.

How to Move From Google Podcasts to YouTube Music
If you are a Google Podcasts user, fear not! Your subscriptions aren’t lost forever. Google has provided instructions on how to smoothly transfer your subscriptions to YouTube Music.

Here’s what you need to do:
Export from Google Podcasts: Open the Podcasts app and tap “Export subscriptions” followed by “Export under ‘Export to YouTube Music'”.
Import to YouTube Music: Open the YouTube Music app, select “Transfer,” “Continue,” and finally “Go to Library” once the transfer completes.
Transferring subscriptions may take a few minutes.
Not all podcasts may be available on YouTube Music. You may need to use the show’s RSS feed link to resubscribe in those cases.