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AI Voice Generators Expand

Text-to-Speech, Translations, Interoperability Increasing

AI Voice Generators Expand

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Habla podcast? And if you do, which Spanish dialect do you prefer?

A variety of companies offer AI-created voices for podcasting, with many offering text-to-speech conversions, voice cloning and language and dialect translations.

Now, AI voices created on multiple platforms are being gathered. Adthos announced partnerships with Google, Amazon, ElevenLabs, PlayHT, WellSaid Labs and Respeecher.

Voices created on those platforms have been added to Adthos's library. The platform now supports 4,600 unique voices, with translation available for more than 200 languages and dialects.

Improvements in AI has increased the ability to generate specific tones, cadences and inflections to customize a voice. At the same time, translation software has been improving in accuracy.

Other players in the AI voice and translation field include Synthesia, Murf AI, Deepgram, Lovo AI, Speechify, and Veed.